All-Star Tryouts

U10 thru U14 Parents-

Region 17 will be conducting All-Star tryouts on the following dates as shown below.  For those who may be unfamiliar with All-Stars, it is a post-season program where the best players in each division (who attend a tryout) are selected to form an All-Star team.  The Region 17 All-Star teams will compete against All-Star teams from other Regions in our area in January and February. 

There are two divisions for All-Stars, “Select” and “Premier” where Premier is the more competitive level.  If there are enough interested competitive players in a division, we will form both a Select and Premier All-Star team in that division.  If not, then that division will have only one All-Star team. 

All U10-U14 players that played this fall (except for players on an Extra team) are eligible to tryout for an All-Star team.  Any player interested in playing on an All-Star team must attend one of the tryouts below.

Monday (11/21) at Adams Field

6:00-7:30pm:  U10B, U10G, and U12B
7:30-9:00pm:   U12G, U14B, and U14G

Tuesday (12/6) at Adams Field

6:00-7:30pm:  U10B and U12B
7:30-9:00pm:   U14B and U14G

Wednesday (12/7) at Adams Field

6:00-7:30pm:  U10G
7:30-9:00pm:   U12G

Please have your child wear their fall soccer jersey to the tryout as this help us to easily keep track of the kids during the tryout evaluation. 

Parents need to stay during the tryout to monitor their child as there will be many kids present and the evaluators will be focused on performing the evaluation.  Additionally, the evaluators may choose to narrow down the group during the session and dismiss some players early.

If your child is selected to be on an All-Star team, the cost to participate is $45 per player.

Please contact Shawn Mahloch ( for more information.