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Welcome to Region 17 Coaches Corner

This is Coaches Corner where we try to keep our coaches informed and up to date on the latest news, training and products in AYSO. In these pages we will give you dates for up coming coach classes at Regional, Area, and Section levels. We will have a simple matrix for you to follow to make sure you are trained and certified to be a coach to our great players in AYSO. If you have any questions, contact

Minimum Requirements for Coaches

AYSO Region 17 Coaches Matrix

1. All Coaches in AYSO Region 17 must be a registered volunteer in Blue Sombrero system each and every year that they wish to coach

2. All Coaches in AYSO Region 17 must have taken "AYSO's Safe Haven" and "CDC: Concussion Course" online at AYSOU

3. All Coaches in AYSO Region 17 need to be age appropriate coach certified for the age group they are coaching

AYSO Online Coaches Courses

AYSO has several courses that you can take online to get your certifications. These courses are fun and easy, but they do have tests at the end of them. If you take a course and fail the test at the end, you will need to take the entire course over and test at the end until you pass to get credit. All courses should not take you more than an hour to complete. Below is the link to log in and start taking your courses. You will need your Blue Sombrero username and password to login. It is highly recommended that you take the in-person class at the fields when they are offered as a hands-on class will give you much more than an online one.

 AYSO Online Certifications & Training Courses link: AYSOU

Courses available online

AYSO's Safe Haven

CDC: Concussion Course

U06, U08, U10 Coach Training (U10 also required attendance at an in-person field session)

Coach Training Class information

1. Be on time or early. Anyone arriving 5 minutes late will not get credit for the class

2. Be prepared to do some running and drills. Bring athletic shoes, soccer ball, sports clothes, water or gatorade, pencil and paper and an open mind.

3. You can sign up online for the class when the class roster is created, but sign-ups at the class will be accepted. If you sign-up at the class, please print clearly and legible so that we can credit you in eAYSO.



Coaches Corner  


EVERYONE PLAYS: AYSO was started to make sure that every player that signs up plays during the games they attend. AYSO National requires every player to get at least ½ of a game of playing time. We at Region 17 have improved that requirement so that players get at least ¾ play per game. At Region 17 we set up rosters to players on the field ratio so that ¾ is assured in most of our divisions. In U16/U19 Area 1D controls rosters, so we can only assure ½ playing time. All other divisions in Region 17 should have no problem with ¾ playing time. Our only other exception is U8 division that has a 7 player roster to 5 players on the field ratio. In U8, if all players on the roster of 7 show up for the game, then 1 player will only get ½ playing time. But if that occurs every week, then as a coach all you need to do is rotate every player though the ½ playing time to be fair to all the players. In all divisions, if players miss practice during a week, they still get to play. They might have school work, be sick, or their parents have issues with the practice days. They can not be penalized because they miss practice. The only exception to that rule is if a player misses practices continually for no reason. Then the DC should be contacted to advise the coach on how to proceed.

OPEN REGISTRATION: We have no restrictions on players registering. Players from miles away can sign up for a Region that they prefer. This way if a players family moves a city or two over, they can still enjoy being with the friends that they have made with the Region they have been with.

BALANCED TEAMS: In our competitive divisions (U10 and above), we do all we can to assure that the teams are balanced in skills. We rate players each and every year at coaches meetings at the end of the seasons. This way returning players can be placed on teams to balance them. New players at Region 17 are given a try-out and then given a rating that should place them to again balance the teams. Our goal is that we will have a competitive league for all to enjoy. Is it a prefect system, NO. We do the best we can, but unfortunately each year there is a team in the division that seams to win every game and one that losses every game. We do our best and hopefully the players will at least have fun. In U5/U6/U8 we do not balance teams as these are non competitive divisions. Scores are not kept and we just want the players to have a good time so they will want to return to the world’s greatest sport.

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Building players to be competitive is great, but teaching them to be good sports is exciting. To watch players be fair, work with other teams for a good match, not push or trip is a joy to watch. It is more than just walking a line for handshakes at the end of the game; it is during the entire game that good sportsmanship is demonstrated. At the younger ages, this is especially important, as they will carry good sportsmanship with them to the higher divisions.  In all divisions, should the match become lopsided, then a good coach will instruct his players to respect the feelings of the players from the other team and ease off the attacks and work on ball skills with fellow players.

POSITIVE COACHING: AYSO has training classes for our coaches that not only teach ball skills, but dealing with various players, parents and referees. Some coaches have very loud voices (that includes me), but that does not mean they are yelling at the players. We want our coaches to be just as much cheerleaders for their team during game time as the parents on the sidelines. Players respond better when they are given positive reinforcement of their play. Their confidence grows when they are encouraged by what they do.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: This is our new philosophy and in reality, if we follow the first 5, then this should be our results. By giving players time on the field, showing them proper ball skills, encouraging good sportsmanship, balancing the playing field, and being positive when helping them to learn, there can only be one result, they develop are players, and people on and off the field. One of my best examples is a player on my team this year. His first year in AYSO was with my assistant coach in U12. He was scared, shy, and had never played the game. With the positive coaching he has received though his years with us, he is now a very skill player and makes both of us as coaches proud of his continued improvements.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to be a coach or assistant coach. You are the first line in our Region that the players deal with. Please be as positive and fair as you can be. You will be surprised at the end of the season on how well your team will do win or loose if you do the right things

Rules for Post-Season play

1. Any certified coach or assistant coach from the 2009 fall season can form a Spring/Tournament team.
2. Coaches should inform the DC of their division of their intent on forming a team for post-season play. The DC will give a date as to when they need to know by. If not the Post-Season coordinator will set a date. This date is so that the DC's and Post-season coordinator can get the word out to potential players and their families via email and website. Coaches wishing to form teams after that date can still do so, but players may not know that they are available. 
3. Coaches wishing to form teams may not recruit players for the team until after the last game of the regular fall season. If a player asks you if you are forming a team, then you may tell them you are, but you CAN NOT reserve them a spot on the team. Any coaches found in violation of this will not have their rosters signed by the RC or Post-Season Coordinator and will not be able to enter Spring/tournaments.
4. After the last game of the regular season, players can be recruited for a team. Players will not be allowed to commit to a team until after a date that the Post-Season Coordinator has set up. This allows the player the option of being recruited by different coaches in the same division. 
5. All rosters have to be approved by either the DC, Post-Season Coordinator or the RC. The RC's signature will be needed for all rosters in post-season play.
6. Once all post-season teams are set-up, then they may start practices in March as the practice fields are being used by League Championship and All-star teams until then.
7. During League Championship, All-star and Spring/tournament play, there may be a few players that are on all these teams. To prevent a player from being over worked and in the best interest of their health and well being, the following applies to those players. First, they will practice with their League Championship team only. Then when their League Championship play is over they may practice with their All-star team. Once they are finished with All-stars, they may practice with their Spring/tournament team. PLEASE DO NOT have players practicing with multiple teams. You will only get a burned out player, not a better one. This is also not fair to the other teams that will be practicing with a tired player.

Game Cards

Game cards need to be filled out each and every game of AYSO Region 17 in U8 though U14 (U16 and U19 have game cards that the Area requires). The cards are green in color and are fairly simple to fill out, but it is amazing how many are done incorrectly. The DC’s deducts sportsmanship points if game cards are not filled out properly. Below is a set by step instruction on how to fill out Region 17 game cards.

Line 1
Region “17” Division “the division you team plays in U8B, U8G, U10B, U10G etc. Team # “your team number that your Division Commissioner gave you.
Line 2
Team Name “ a name that you and your players have agreed to be called “blue thunder, pink flamingos, etc
Line 3
Team Colors Primary colors of jersey and shorts “Blue/Red, Green/Black, etc
Line 4
Coach “I hope you know your own name, put it there
Line 5
Assist Coach
Your assistant coaches name
The main part of the card it for the players names in numerical order. PUT ALL YOUR PLAYERS names and numbers there do not skip a player because they are not at a game. Tell the referee if a player is absent and they will mark the card accordingly. In the quarter area, mark only the players that are out as substitutes in the 1st quarter. Things change and marking more will just make the card harder to read later by your DC. At the bottom, fill out only the Date, Time and Field slots for that game. Along the left side next to the player numbers, put a “C” and an “A” for your Captain and Alternate Captain for the day. 
You do not need to put anything else on the card; the referee will handle it from there.

Keep checking here in "Coaches Corner" for the latest news.