Referee Points: Fall 2019

Congratulations to our Referee Award Winners for the Fall 2018 Season!!

Youth Referee of the Year: Charlotte Reis

Rookie of the Year: Scott Behrendt

Female Referee of the Year: Kiku Annon

Male Referee of the Year: Ari Polidi

Referee's Corner

Laws of the Game:

Laws of the Game
Summary of Changes - 2019
Rules and Regulations - 16U/19U

Signing Up for Matches:

To enter the scheduling site go to and log in. 

  1. On the Main tab, make sure the “Ready To Be Assigned” checkbox is checked.

  2. On the “Schedule” tab there are three options (Calendar, Self Assign, and Master Schedule).

  3. The “Calendar” tab shows you all the games you have signed up for.

  4. The “Self Assign” tab is where you actually sign up for matches.

    • Filter by Date, Site, and Level (10U, 12U, 14U, etc.) to get a list of available Games when you click Search.

    • The list includes Game Number, time and slots available (filled slots will no longer appear).

    • To sign up for a Game, find the slot you want and click the “Go” Icon on the far right column. You will then get a message saying that you have “successfully” assigned yourself for either a Center, AR1 or AR2 slot. If you want additional slots, just repeat the same process.

  5. The “Master Schedule” tab shows you every Game loaded in Arbiter.

    • All of the Games are listed by Dates and times.

    • Click the “View Slots” button and you will see all of the Games with their assigned Referees.

If you need to back out of a game for any reason, send an email to the RRA (Jonathan Hebben: that includes the Game Number you wish to be Unassigned from.

Referee Training:

AYSO offers Referee Training throughout the year, and becoming a Referee is a great way to help our kids get the most out of their soccer experience, and assist your team to complete its Referee requirements:

  1. 8U teams are required to provide a referee for their home games. Contact your Coach for details.

  2. 10U to 14U teams are required to obtain Referee Points, as identified in the 10U-14U Referee Point System below.

Here are the steps needed to volunteer as a referee:

  1. Sign up as a volunteer on Blue Sombrero

  2. Take ‘AYSO’s Safe Haven’ course, which is under the ‘My Courses’ on the AYSO U Website.

  3. Take the ‘CDC: Concussion Course, which is also under the ‘My Courses’ on the AYSO U website.

  4. Take one of the following referee course options:

    1. Regional Referee Course: This is an in-person course that covers everything you need to know to referee a 10U match and can be found under ‘Live Courses’, ‘Regional Referee Course’ in AYSO U, which is where the region 17 course identified above will be listed.

    2. Online Regional Referee Course: This is an online course about the Laws of the game that can be found under ‘eCommerce’, ‘Referee Training’ on the AYSO U website. There is a charge for this option so please contact me for a voucher to cover the cost.
      Regional Referee Online Companion Course: This is an in-person session to cover the field mechanics of being a referee and can be found under ‘Live Courses’, ‘Regional Referee Online Companion Course’ in AYSO U.

Upon successful completion of the Basic Referee Course, our RRA will provide each newly minted Referee with a uniform, whistle, and other items needed to successfully Referee a Game. The Region will also provide Mentoring the first few Fridays of the season.

Upcoming Classes:
Please review the courses available in AYSO U for times and locations of scheduled courses:

Regional Referee Course: This course is typically all day and covers all aspects of refereeing a 10U match under the 'Live Courses' section.

Regional Referee Online Companion Course: This course is typically a half day course and requires the completion of the "Online Regional Referee Course".

Each course may also contain additional information the region conducting the course may require, which can be viewed by clicking on the blue title line for the course, so please read the description completely prior to signing up.

Referee Resources:

AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness Training
Referee Forms (Referee Report (Misconducts and Injuries), Incident Report, etc.)

Referee Point System:

In the competitive divisions (10U - 14U), each team will be required to supply referees for the total number of matches they play, plus 5 (usually ~ 20 matches need to be covered by each team’s referees).  These matches include the “practice” matches and the “competitive” matches. 

Referee points can ONLY be earned by Certified Referees, who referee matches in 10U – 19U divisions, except for matches that the team(s) the referee is giving points to are playing in.

Each match refereed as either a Center (CR) or Assistant Referee (AR) in the 10U – 14U Divisions will earn your Team 1 point in the standings, and 2 points earned for refereeing matches in 16U and 19U. 

Referee points are used to determine eligibility of your team to advance to the playoffs at the end of the season.

Please be aware that AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON, each Referee must declare which Team(s) he / she is Refereeing for.  If you declare more than one team, you must tell us how you want us to split your points (i.e. 50/50, 25/75, etc.).  You ARE ALLOWED to later change that split ON A GOING FORWARD BASIS, but ONLY amongst Teams you initially declared. 

The deadline for declaring Teams is October 1st.  No changes will be honored after October 1st.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!