U10 Coach Training - Field Session

  • Lincoln Elementary School

Roster Number: 201503041

To register for the class, login to eAYSO.org and click on "Lookup" and then "Courses".  In the search field either enter the Roster Number OR select Section 1, Area D, Region 17 and then click "Search".  Then select the appropriate course and read the comments field for course details.

This is the field session ONLY.  Participants must complete U10 Coach Online Training in advance at www.aysotraining.org.  Prior to taking the online class, participants must have completed their volunteer registration in eAYSO as their eAYSO ID is need to login to the training website.  Once logged in, they should click on "Courses" and then click on "Course C004 - U-10 Coach" to complete the on-line training.